Jon Howard

I love what I do

I love telling stories with pictures and all the tools that go into that process. I started out many years ago as an aspiring feature director but was introduced to the world of commercials in 2003 through Bruce Dowad. I had some great experiences in post-production while working for Bruce, who used King Cut in Venice for a lot of his editorial needs. The kind folks there were always happy to show me the ins and outs of what they were doing. I got a job at Chrome in Santa Monica, starting out in the vault, and even though I had cut all of my own projects up until then, it was at Chrome that I fell in love with editing and post-production.

After 2 years at Chrome, I was hired by Limulus Productions in Boston to edit a special and a mini-series for The History Channel (Journey to 10,000 BC, Battles BC). Following those projects I was hired by Element Productions to edit an outrageously fun reality show for NESN set at Fenway Park (Sox Appeal). Following those stints on the East Coast, I found work as a freelance offline assistant in commercial post back in Los Angeles. Through my work as an offline assistant, during which I would sit in on finishing sessions, I watched enough colorists, finishers and compositing artists work their magic to develop a deep interest in those crafts. I used my downtime to return to my vfx roots – I had interned at Industrial Light and Magic in 1997 – and began in-depth training in After Effects and Nuke. After two years of learning and experimenting on personal projects, I was given the opportunity to work as a finishing artist at HutchCo Technologies in 2011. Nowadays, I’m working as a freelance compositor and finishing artist, primarily out of HutchCo, Nightshift LA, and Nomad Edit, using Nuke as my go-to compositing package. I’ve also been given the opportunity to vfx supervise commercial shoots, which is immensely fun and something I hope to do a lot more of in the future.

I love so much of the process of conceiving, collecting, organizing, assembling and finishing the footage that becomes a completed product, I often feel a bit scattered in my interests and find myself wanting to do a lot more than I have the time or energy to accomplish. The bonus of all that scattered focus is that it’s opened me up to a lot of tools and parts of the process that I’d otherwise let other people handle.

I’m always trying to get better at what I do and hope the joy I take in the process rubs off on this site. Feel free to contact me regarding availability or if you have any questions about the material posted here. Thanks very much for taking a look!